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What is Revival House Church Internship? 

Revival House Church Internship is a six month hands on ministry intensive training. Each Intern will be receiving hands-on ministry training and experience such as: Serving in all services at Revival House Church, conducting and leading weekly soul winning teams. Pioneering ministries in the public schools. Completing weekly work projects at Revival House Church. Completing required reading and bible courses. 

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What Can You Do?

Previously at Revival House Church we gave the vision for the Evangelist to be raised up out of the Church. That vision was received and accomplished! We were able to commission a evangelistic ministry fully funded by the people of Revival House Church. The person who had stepped into that role has recently moved in a different direction. Either way we are moving forward! The Word of the Lord remains the same! We have a call from the Lord to send out harvesters to the field and we will respond to that call! We pray that you will ask the spirit about sowing monthly into Revival House Church Internship. Our goal is to provide each intern with $1,600 per month to cover their own living expenses. This will allow them to be completely submerged into this season of training and able to carry out the requirements without the obligation of another job.

Why Revival House Church Internship? 

Solid ministry training is becoming rare in the world that we live in. People are going to bible school and getting pumped full of religion to the point where they are useless in the ministry. This is not the case for all bible colleges/internships, but it is becoming an overwhelming reality. We believe proper training is necessary for all who feel the call to ministry. Hands on training is essential along with proper bible teaching. Our vision is to provide hands-on ministry experience coupled with word of faith bible doctrine. 

The Lord spoke a word to me at the end of 2021. He said “raise up evangelists out of your church and send them out to gather the harvest that I have promised.” On top of study, serving and training; these Interns will be leading the charge of evangelism. God is forming an army of harvesters and we will see a mighty move of the spirit in Angelina County! We have many that are being raised up to respond to this call and we must provide next steps for them!

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